Оговорка B Института Лондонских Страховщиков по страхованию грузов

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The general policy, referred to as Coverage B of the Institute Marine Cargo Clauses (also called a "named perils" policy) lists specifically the risks that it will cover. The list of covered perils includes fire, stranding, sinking, collision, jettison, washing overboard, water damages, and total losses during loading and unloading; however, losses due to bad weather are not covered, and neither are partial losses happening during loading and unloading of the ship. For a complete list, please refer to the Table below, where a comparison is given for all six standard coverages.

Coverage B of the Institute Marine Cargo Clauses is appropriate for goods that have a good tolerance for bad weather, such as bulk raw materials including coal, iron ore, polymer pellets, and lumber. It would not be appropriate for machinery, paper, and any type of finished goods, unless they were particularly resilient.

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