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English: Coverage C of the Institute Marine Cargo Clauses

Coverage C is the last from three general Institute Marine Cargo Clauses. It is also a "named perils" policy[1], as it lists specifically the risks that it will cover. The list of covered perils is limited to fire, stranding, sinking, collision, and jettison; it does not include washing overboard, rough weather damages, or water damages and losses during loading and unloading. For a complete list, please refer to Table 1 below, where a comparison is given for all six standard coverages. Coverage C is the minimum coverage required by the Incoterms CIF (Cost, Insurance, And Freight) and CIP (Carriage And Insurance Paid To). It is minimal enough as to be inappropriate for most goods, and trading/industrial companies doing business on the said CIF or CIP terms should definitely extend this coverage to "maximum cover" (i.e., Coverage A of the Institute Marine Cargo Clauses), or, if they are importing on those Incoterms, purchase Difference in Condition Insurance. Coverage C is generally insufficient for most containerized goods, with the possible exception of goods that are unlikely to be affected by an international voyage in any way, and, if lost overboard, would not be a major loss. There are few cargos that fit this description, with the possible exception of scrap merchandise, such as scrap metal or recyclable paper. Coverage C is appropriate for bulk cargo, as it is unlikely to experience a loss unless there is major damage to the ship.[2]

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