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Free of particular average (FPA) means a marine insurance term meaning that the assurer will not allow payment for partial loss or damage to cargo shipments except in certain circumstances, such as stranding, sinking, collision or fire.[1]. (See Table 1. below) The last general policy is referred to as a “Free of Particular Average,” a named-perils policy. A FPA policy covers total losses, but covers only partial losses in some circumstances. The major issue is whether the policy is a Free of Particular Average—English Conditions policy or a Free of Particular Average—American Conditions policy. Under an American Conditions policy, partial losses are covered only if they result directly from a fire, a stranding, a sinking, or a collision. Under an English Conditions policy, the partial losses are covered if they occur on the same voyage that a fire, a stranding, a sinking, or a collision occurs, without these perils having directly caused the loss [2].

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